Extremely slow transfer speed from external IPs in MBL 4T

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I am trying since two days (when I installed the 100/10Mb conection to internet) to acces to MBL from an external addreses, like from my father´s house, and the transfer speed is really really slow. It is impossible to wait till it is transferred. 200Mb can take like two hours. Opening a picture (2Mb) is taking more than a minute, so it is not performing at all. If I try it with a directly connected computer (RJ45) it is working fine. If I use the browser from a computer directly connected to the same router (same than MBL) it is running at 100/12Mb. If we take as a sample my father´s computer, it is accesing to other places (friend´s NAS servers) with a good performance, even for directly reproducing big MKVs (20Gbs) without downloading them, but against my MBL it is a nightmare.

The conenection is:



Router - MyPC (Desktop PC) with high good bandwith



My PC and MBL are connected to the same router.

Somebody knows what can be happening?

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The transfer rate depends on both source and the internet speed of the pc you want to transfer the files to.


first of all, thanks for your reply, but the issue is that the PC from which we try to upload or download a file is the same from which we are doing the same actions again another NAS in a different house, with really different results. I mean:

Computer A: My father´s house. Good bandwith with goos performance against other NAS drives in different places.

My Book Live: In a different place, and in a network with really good bandwith (tested several times), uploading and downloading files.

Computer B: Connected to the same router than My Book Live, so in the same LAN. Good performance moving files or reproducing media from MBL.

So, the only issue is when the computer A (tried with more computers for testing, from different places from the WAN) is copying/reading files from / to MBL.

Any idea?

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It seems that the drive is mapped correctly and you can access the drive it self. Can you verify if the ssh is enabled? Go to your browser and type http://mybooklive/UI/SSH

You might want to call WD tech support for this one, 1 (800) 275-4932.

Hi mates,

Discovered. Accesing via IP it is really fast. The issue arrives when we try to use the WD link to transfer files. I have to call WD in order to complain about it, it is not normal for sure… transfer rates are like 60 times greater if we skip the fu*%&ing wb mapped unit.

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