Extremely slow copy spped! what's happening , help


i have just bought wd tv live hub. at first i fell in love with it. but with time various problems are popping up. latest one is extremely slow copy speed. previously when i copied thing from my desktop on wired network connection i used get 7 - 9 MB/sec copy speed. from yesterday copy speed has drastically came down to 700 - 800 KB/s. it has become impossible to copy large dvd copies. it will take ages to complete copy. i am clue less why it is happening. please help, otherwise i can not copy movies unless the problem is solved. many many thanks in advance.



Hi there, are you on wired or wireless settings? What if you check the ports and try to find a traffic bottleneck on your router? o.o

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Try completely powering off the hub (hold button for 10 seconds and remove the power adapter to make sure) then restart.

Try plugging directly from your PC into the Hub.  If this resolves it, check your cabling and any devices in between. 

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extremely sorry **bleep** like 7-9mbps but a lot hassle. but at present i do not have any other way out.

many many thanks to both of you. extremely sorry again. please…

i am writing something which gets replaced with’bleep’. what’s that. is that forum software platform is moody like wd tv live hub!

Yip we get the idea.