Extremely slow access to jpegs using Windows file explorer

I can access jpegs quickly using the browser but when I try to access the files on the drive through the Windows explorer it literally takes minutes to open a folder then it takes minutes to open the jpeg and often it doesn’t open at all. I am on a wired network using Windows 10. My other dives on my system open files quickly with no problem. Besides folders that have jpegs in them all other folders are slow to open on the Cloud drive using Windows explorer. This needs to be rectified.

@rodorr Is this a My Cloud Home? What is your default app that you view your pictures with? I use Photos and I have no problems viewing mine on my My Cloud. I have Windows 10 Home with all updates.

I have tried Windows Photo Viewer, Photos, Photoshop. It doesn’t make any difference when I click on a photo all i get most of the time is the whirling blue circle for 3 to 4 minutes and then it times out. This is in a folder with about 70,000 photos. If I open the same folder that I have copied to one of my other drives the photo will open in under 4 seconds no mater what I use except Photoshop which of course takes longer. To look at files with Windows File Explorer is just a horrible slow joke. There is something wrong with the OS that My Cloud Home is using. It just doesn’t work properly. This drive was one of the worst mistakes I have made in quite a while. And there is no way to securely erase this drive another big mistake. This drive is nothing but frustration!!

Hi! I have the exact same issue. There is Gigabit connection all the way and there should really be no problem. Have tried with different computers and it is equally slow.

Did you find a solution to it? As it is now it is really useless…