External wd elements 3TB drive freezes on entering bit locker password

Before 4-5 months, I brought 3TB elements external drive. I encrypted the drive successfully with bitlocker encryption. For 5 months, the drive was working smooth.
But from a week, as soon I insert my drive in Windows 7 Dell laptop, I am asked to enter password as I enter correct password, bitlocker window freezes, and shows Bitlocker not responding. Windows event viewer shows, there is some paging error / controller error, a bad block. (Event ID 7)
With WD data lifeguard diagnostic tool, and through extended drive test, same has failed to repair bad sectors of the drive.
WD dashboard, does not perform test of the drive, as the disk is bitlocker encrypted.
Windows chkdsk also not working, as the disk is locked and encrypted.
On my other PC (Win7 ECS), the issue persists.

Kindly tell me, what can be done to fix bad sectors on an encrypted drive, so that I regain my data on WD elements.
Drive contains very important files.


I appreciate that you have performed the troubleshooting steps.

As the issue persists, please contact the respective WD Technical Support team for best assistance and replacement process: