External WD Element 2TB cannot be detected on HD Player IXtreamer

Hi guys

Since I has my IXtreamer as main Hdplayer which already stopped developing new FW for a many years ago, so I got the latest FW as I could.

My hdplayer works fine with External WD Element 2TB(lay down design) with USB 2.0 for many years

Anyway, since more files is coming up, so to increase storage capacity, I have decided to grab External WD Element 3TB (Stand on) with USB 3.0 as no old model available. Then I found that it could not be detected on my HDplayer(Light is blinking for 2-3 times and then stop as stable on when plugged) while it’s works with Notebook(USB 2.0 and 3.0).


So, by searching, some said due to unsupported 3TB by HDPlayer FW or need to reformat the drive which I have tried all of suggestions and still didn’t ring a bell till today.

On this new year eve, I again got External WD Element 2TB (Stand on) with USB3.0(same model) with full y hope of working on my Hdplayer. So I plugged into my NB, transferred MKV, then plugged into HDplayer…but couldn’t detect any thing…■■■■…

So whether 2TB or 3TB, new model can’t be detected on my HDplayer. Is there any way to try on before sell both as 2nd hand trash?

Hi there,

I do not have this media player, lets see if another user can share some information or tips on this matter, however i would like to know what happens if you connect the drives on a computer.

Hi Armak

If I connect to PC or Notebook, it will detect and be able to use as normal.
Problem is it doesn’t work with my Hdplayer, cannot see any drive while old model does…

Does anyone have a clue?