External USB Drives / encryption and WD TV LIVE

My wd tv live is going to arrive soon.

I am thinking about buying an external usb hard drive to go with it.  I’m looking at the Samsung Story 1.5 TB (5400 rpm) or the Western digital Mybook 1.5TB (7200 rpm). The Samsung is cheaper,very quite, runs cool and is supposed to be rock solid. I understand the speed difference is not much due the way that USB2 is implemented on both drive chipsets.

I assume that it’s easy to use either of these with the WD TV Live to make a cheap NAS accessible from other PCs in the workgroup ?

The main thing that would make me decide is if the WD MyBook / WD live TV combination supports drive encryption of the files, just in case someone steals the entire setup :slight_smile:

Is anything like this supported ?

Thanks for any help.

Here it is as I understand it.

The WDTV Live does support  the drive locking feature that is included with there new SmartWare line of drives, so there should not be an issue with that.  The issue is with using these drives as network dirves.

If you read the WD website, under the WDTV although they say it support network shares they only list their Network drives.  They dont even list operating systems.  I have seen many issues, Although I have not run into any,(Windows 7 -64 ultimate) with sharing files from my system, but you need to keep in mind that support from WD may get somewhat limited as sharing files from your computer over your network is an operating system feature and if your system is not configured correctly, files will not be shared properly.

I find it funny when people ask a hard drive manufacture for support on how to share there files from there computer, but atleast it appears as though they are trying to help people as much as possible with their sharing issues.