External SSD running slowly out of the box

Just got my new WD 512GB straight out of the box and it is transferring files slowly… Why would this happen?

You didn’t even tell us what product you have so there’s 1,000 different answers to your question.

Apologies, it’s a MY PASSPORT SSD external drive

Ok great! (Going to move your post to the correct board so users who own the same product can find it)

Have you connected it to a second computer? Is it slow transferring from both computers?

I’ve completed an AjA System Tests to check for its write and read speeds and these have come back as 361 MB/Sec and 354 MB/Sec but when I try and copy a given file the speed starts as the above and after a second or two it drops way down and becomes much slower

I have connected it to a second computer and the transfer speeds are the same on both… it starts quickly and then drops dramatically

Ok THAT is helpful information. Is this Windows 10 by chance?

It is Windows 10 yes… I have been prompted to install a new update for windows and have it set to update this coming Sunday… would the update have anything to do with it?

I’ve come across similar behavior before on my own computer. See this article from Microsoft for how I resolved it:


Are you saying it’s a windows issue so?

I’m saying that in my experience (which is considerable) the majority of the time an issue occurs like this it is due to some kind of problem with the OS. The symptoms you are describing are exactly the same as symptoms I’ve come across recently in the past and resolved by following the steps in that article - I’m not saying 100% it will solve your problem, but that’s where I’d start.

If the instructions there don’t resolve the problem, post back here with the results and we can go from there having ruled out those solutions.

When I try and follow the first troubleshooting step by Pressing the windows key + W, no area for me to type troubleshooting appears

All the image + W combo does is open your start bar. Not quite sure why they would tell you to do it that way. (We just say “open the start bar and type X” when we give instructions to do this)

Just type “troubleshooting” in the normal search box like in the image below:

Thanks for your help, none of these have worked for me unfortunately

OK… let’s look at some other possibilities… have you tried with a different USB cable? Also, is the issue only happening when transferring large files? What happens when you send a large number of small files?

Thanks for your help… I haven’t another cable like that one at the minute and I haven’t tried it with a large number of small files… going to bed here soon to be honest :slight_smile: windows support said it was a bottleneck issue seen as my processor is 1.3ghz. My laptop is a 1TB 64bit HP pavilion with 8gb of Ram and the customer support were saying that was the issue with me receiving speeds of 30/40mb/s instead of the 350 + from my read and wrote tests earlier.

Hi again,

Since we were talking last i have bought the base model 2017 imac and when I connected my 500gb WD Passport ssd external drive and checked the read and write speeds they are very slow. This drive is formatted to ExFat to work with windows and Mac… I am wondering how I can increase its speed… all help is very much appreciated… Thanks