External PSU | Would a 12V 1A be sufficient?

Dear all,

subject title says it all: would a 12 V 1A external PSU be sufficient to power up the WD TV live or is at least 1,5A needed?

Thanks in advance.


I would highly advise NOT to use a 12V 1A external PSU

Sure, it may work for a brief period …

but there’s a Very Good Chance of Overheating and the external PSU will burn out.

Don’t Risk It

P.S. Google “can i use a 12v 1a on a 12v 1.5a” and have a read

Also, if you do find a 12V 1.5A external PSU … make sure the “tip” is POSITIVE

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Hi Joey,

Many thanks for your swift response.

Makes absolutely sense and will keep this in mind.

Thanks and Cheers.