External HD

Hello All,

I just recently picked up the My Book Essential External HD and i was wondering, when you back up stuff from your main HD to the Ext HD is there anyway to get into those folders that have been backed-up and say re-name the folder or add a folder? 

Yes, you can re-name backed up files, folders on the WD external drive.

Here is how to get there:

Keep your WD external drive plug in.

From the windows desktop look for WD external drive icon and double clicks.

Look for WD SmartBackUp/Your computerName/UserName/Documents/Users/UserName/Documents/FileName.

From there you can do as you wish.

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just one small problem, what if i don’t happen to have the WD external drive icon on my desktop, where can i find it so i can put it there?

i think i figured it out, is it the:  picture of the drive with My Book (K:)?