External Harddrive REALLY slow. WD My Book 1140

Hi everyone,

I bought a 2TB harddrive a while ago. Downloaded about 150 movies or 327gig. Last week, it was acting rather strangely. My laptop sometimes wouldn’t recognize it, so I had to restart. Other times, it would rename to default name - “Local Disk” (I had already given it a name). I don’t think I physically damaged it in any way but sometimes I would hit the desk with my leg by accident and I’m guessing it might have felt some vibration. I tried dragging a 700mb movie from it onto a USB to  but it took 30 minutes (~1mb/sec). All in all, it’s just super slow. It works. I can still watch movies off of it but it’s SUUUUUPPER slow vs how lighting quick it was just a few weeks ago. I looked around on the forums, it seems a lot of other people are having this problem as well.

A few things that I have already fixed though -

1.) I already changed settings to better preformance in policies tab from harddrive settings.

2.) Checked and fixed any errors, disk cleanup, virus scan, about to defrag although I don’t think it’ll do any good.

Diagnosis? Anyone?

defrag sounds like a good idea

get another software that will test and repair the drive 

I think think defragging will help. The drive loads just fine but when I play movies, they buffer every 15 seconds like the connection is slow. Transfering is slow too. It worked perfectly fine a week ago. Perhaps a windows update or is the drive dying? Perhaps the cable?

I just download and ran that diagnostic program. The quick test -

"Quick test on drive 2 did not complete.

Status code = 04 (unknown failed test element). Failure checkpoint = 96 (unknown test).

SMART self test did not complete. "

So the harddrive is done. Could I still recover the data?

harddrive failed

you can search for a data recovery software before replacing