External Harddrive Causing Video Noise

Hi All,

    Having an issue.

    Everything works perfect with a USB memory stick.  BUT when I use an external hard drive I am getting video disturbance from the drive.  It shows as faint lines 1/10 of the screen wide, panning up thru the image.  It starts as soon as the drive is powered and lasts throughout any video.

    It appears on the menu screens as well and is probably electrical noise from the drive traveling thru the USB cable.

    Anyone else see this?  Any suggestions to solve this?  Tech support want me to upgrade the flash, but I assume that is the “standard” answer for all things.



Yeah, I tend to agree with you there.  I doubt flash would change much.

How are you hooked up?  HDMI / Component /Composite?

If the latter two, it could be electrical grounding problems causing a ground loop.  Either a bad USB cable or bad power supply or whatnot…  Hard to tackle such beasts.