External hard drive not recognizing product

So I tried to access my external hard drive (I can’t remember the model and I can’t find it on the device but it is 1 TB) for the first time in a few days and it is not recognizing my computer. It doesn’t show up in the my computer spot that it normally does, I have used 2 different laptops. I can see the white dot that says that there is power to it. When I first plug it in to the outlet and when I first plug it into my computer it sounds like it is working, I hear the disc running but then it goes silent,  like it turned off. I never really listened to my external before because I never really had to, but I have never really heard it make a noise before.

My fear is that a few days ago my friend dropped it on a hard wood floor and that may have damaged it but the device looks pretty hardy and there wasn’t any real noticeable damage to it. I would expect that it would be able to withstand a  drop 5 feet on to a wood floor. That aside, is there any suggestions that you guys may have that may be the problem? Second worst case scenario, is there a way that I will be able to retrieve my data on my external? I have some important documents, or rather documents that I would like to have back, that I have stored on there that I have delete from my computer (stupid I know but I didn’t figure to back up my backup device)

Any help will be appreciated

Maybe is loosing power, have you try with a different power adapter? Also if you access your computer Disk Management are you able to see the drive? What about device manager?

Dropping the drive will seriously damage the drive. If you don’t have a backup of your files send it for data recovery.

If the drive was dropped it’s probably physically damaged with no simple way to retrieve data.