External Hard drive does not show!

I’ve read the FAQ for this and it appears that I need to reformat and or do a re-partition. My question is, what kind of program let’s me re-partition since I have lots of important files on it. Is there another way perhaps?

I had a movie running off my external hard drive playing and the movie started acting up so I restarted with the hard drive connected. When I did this and try to turn the program back on it wouldn’t show up on “My Computer” but showed up on “Disk Management”, with it stating “Unallocated”. I read online that the reason why it’s doing what it is doing is because the hard drive is conflicting with another drive and losing so that it doesn’t pop up. Many people seem to be able to “Change the drive” but I don’t get that option with Windows Vista. It askes for me to MBR or (Can’t remember the other one) and when I do click “Ok” it gives me an error saying “I/O blah blah blah cannot be run”. So I did more research and downloaded a program to reset my drives, I did this and when I plugged in my 2TB it re-installed but STILL did NOT show up on “My Computer”. I’m getting really desperate and will be trying this “re-partition” thing once I get off work to see if it works or not. I’ll respond on here if it does or not since I see MANY users are having the same issue as I.


I bought a 1TB portable hard drive and it crashed after my laptop ran out of power and when I went to turn it back on it did not show up on “My Computer” or “Disk Management”. I figured it was MY FAULT so I gave Western Digital another chance and bought the 2TB. Well, NOW my 2TB is having issues and you can bet for sure I will be telling EVERYONE about my problems with this program and how non-helpful the WD helps with the issues. Thanks for taking my hard earn money and selling me a cheap defective product. I will NOT be doing any more business and I will do my BEST to ensure no one else will have this headache I’m going through wasting hours of research and online help sites. Both of my 1TB and 2TB are under warranty but how long till this error occurs again? And now I’m at risk of losing ALL my data! I want my money back to invest it into a better company!

You can’t repartition successfully without erasing the data. Use a recovery software first so it can extract the files that are not corrupted and then partition/format the drive. Recuva, TestDisk and PhotoRec are free to use so they are your first step to file recovery.