External Hard Drive deleting files when they're transferred, but they're not apparently saving to the drive. Help!

Ok, so it goes like this. I got the drive from a seller on eBay. It’s new. I got it out of the packaging, I plugged it into my Mac. Since it was formatted to Windows, I reformetted it to my Mac & it was apparently looking fine…until when I started to move files over to test it from my Mac, it was deleting the file as it was being transferred. I didn’t pay it that much of a mind to that because I thought ‘well, at least it’s on the drive.’ However, when I transferred it back, it did exactly the same thing when putting it back on to my computer. THAT should’ve been the tip off.

I formatted it to ‘Mac OS Extended (Journaled)’ because I have 2 other drives & they work fine. Now, by deleting, I mean that apparently, it saves the files to itself, but they also get moved to the trash. I assumed this was from the other drive, as I was moving files over to it from one of my other drives to free up space. However, when I went to empty the trash, the files themselves disappeared & I couldn’t access them in any way. Now I’m using recovery software to get those files back. Luckily, it’s working.

How do I fix this? Is there something wrong with the drive? What do I do?

I would download our diagnostic utility to test and see if the drive is okay.