External Hard Drive access thru My Net N900

I’m having problems accessing media files on my external Seagate 1.5T which is attached to my WD My Net N900 router. I’ve read all the threads that I could see on the subject and tried the various suggestions and configurations and still no joy. I can only access it from my computer(laptop) but can’t do it from my XBOX/Yamaha Amp./Panasonic Blu Ray. The drive is mapped and shared. I recently changed router and it used to work as a charm with a D-Link DIR655, but no joy on the WD router. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

P.S. Router’s latest firmware has been installed already

Not sure about your non-computer devices as I have none of those you lised, but my Sony BDP-580S blu-ray play would see all the files on my N900 with USB drive but refused to play any of them.  What ended up being the case for me was that while this router supports DLNA, it DOES NOT support DLNA conversion on the fly into a file format your other media devices can play.  This caused me to re-convert all my movies and music into m4p and mp3 (non-lossless =( ).  This wasn’t an issue when I used my laptop as the DLNA server because win7 media center will auto convert files on the fly so I didn’t know this was a problem until using the USB ports on the router.

In my case it just says “Can’t Connect”

Which options are checked under the storage section in the WD Dashboard?  I have also found that if you set a “storage access permissions” user/password instead of going with “public share” that other non-computer devices seem to not be able to access the shared folders/files because they lack the proper user/password responses or support.  The reason DLNA can still work (if you have the right file types and such) is the DLNA server code basically bypasses the user/pw checks on any media files.

I tried it public and secured and still no go

I played around with this some more last night on my own N900 and found that if you use a NTFS formatted drive AND have file permissions are set to something other than Everyone with read, write, and full control checked (applies to existing files/folders on the drive before hooking it to the router), then the router won’t show them.  New files created while the drive is attached to the router should be made by the router with these flags already set.

This is NOT an issue with the router but the way NTFS file permissions and access works to keep people out of folders they shouldn’t have access to.  Odds are you are not using the same name and password for your file share as you are for your windows login and thus why it is keeping you out/not displaying existing files.

With that said, if you cannot see/access files after changing the Everyone user permissions to read/write/full control, then you probably have a compatibility issue with your drive you are attaching or the router.  For the 3 different external hdds and 2 thumb sticks I  tried, they all used NTFS and 4096 for the allocation unit size.

I have the same set up as far as NTFS goes. However, I have accessed files on the drive before, my problem now is that I can’t connect to the drive anymore for some reason. So my problem is more network related than ext. hard disk related. I don’t recall changing any network settings to cause that. However, if I go in my pc share settings. I can not apply any public settings, I think that is where my problem lies.