External Hard disk Disappeared


got quite a big problem: my WD TV Live Hub is connected via USB to a couple of 2TB WD Elements external HD.

One of the two today has just disappeared from the list of available HD Drives.

I have unplugged it, connected to my PC (Win7 64bit) and got the message asking me to check the HD.

I’ve completed the requested task, no problems found (even if each time I plug it Windows asks me again the same question). All the files in the HD are there.

I’ve connected the HD back to the WD TV but nothing happenes: the drive is still not found.

Could you please help?

Am I forced to format the HD or there is a method avoid this?

Please let me know!

Many thanks in advance.


If windows is still telling you there’s something wrong wtih the drive, then it’s (for whatever reason) not able to clear the “Dirty Bit.”

There’s a few posts out there in Google-Land that describe that issue…

I’ve formatted the Hard Disk (this way i should have erased the bit problem),

I’ve placed just one file in the Hard Disk and connected it to the WD Tv Live: the hard disk this time was there.

Problem is that later, when I moved some more file and connected the HD again, the Hard Disk was not found again.

Problem is started after the latest firmware update.

Anyone has any idea (or the same problem)?


hi there

  • ntfs format type ?

  • checkdisk done ?

  • all updates on board ?

  • is the hd type  “wd-friendly”   [pls check on support wd page - if your hd would work]