External enclosure for 3TB drive?


Are there any external drive enclosures that can handle a WD Green 3TB drive at its full capacity? All the enclosures I have max out at 2TB.



Please check the link below:


Thanks, but that enclosure’s user manual ( http://www.vantecusa.com/system/application/media/data_file/nst-360fbsu-bk_users_manual.pdf ) says the enclosure maxes out with 1TB drives. Do you know of an enclosure that can handle your 3TB drives in full capacity?

Well, no thanks to that completely useless reply from the moderator troll, I learned that no enclosure handles WD 3TB drives in their native capacity…yet. So it is necessary to partition such drives into 2 drives, each 2TB or less, for it to work with external enclosures.



I’m no trolling, you asked a question since no one reply I decide to assist you. If you look the enclosure details it clearly says: :Supports up to a 3 TB Hard Drive"

Is up to you to check the user guide is not up to me. I don’t work in newegg or the enclosure manufacturer company, If by any chance my information was not good for you all you need to do is look online for another enclosure. 


You are asking the wrong question.  The proper question would be “does my hardeare support 2+TB drives?”.

Unless your MB’s bios supports drives >2TB, then you are limited to what your bios supports, and you must format drives to have partitions less than 2TB in size.  If your MB supports drives >2TB, then go nuts!(usually requires a MB within the past year or so…)  ie. you will be limited by your system hardware!

If your MB’s bios does not support 2+TB drives, then you must format the drive(s) to less than 2TB each…