External drive: wireless media storage and computer HDD backup?

It looks like I need to buy a USB external drive to connect to my WD TV Live, as my wireless system cannot handle streaming 1080 from my laptop to the WD via WiFi. I’m wondering if I can put that external drive to “double duty” by backing up my laptop drive at the same time, wirelessly…

Assuming the USB drive is connected to the WD via a USB cable, and the WD device is connected via WiFi to my laptop, is there a way that the USB drive could automatically backup my laptop’s HDD contents? I’m wondering about external drives primarily designed for backup that have scheduling software. This way, I could play 1080 no problem and have a backup of my laptop drive if (when) it dies. The key would be doing this wirelessly, i.e., the USB drive copies the laptop’s files via WiFi, not any type of wire.



Yup, you can use the wdlink app to map the USB hard drive connected to the WDTV on your computer.