My Passport studio 2TB - - will connect for about 30 seconds then I get the warning “not ejected properly”

All my other external drives - western and other makes are OK - the drive is about 3 or 4 years old…

any ideas?

Run chkdsk on that drive.

As the disk is ejected, how do I do that?

Try a replacement USB cable.

Not from the WD… from your PC.

Since you say you have a Mac, and not a PC, checkdisk is not a Mac program, but there has to be a Mac equivalent program in the Mac operating system. I have no idea what that may be. The disk likely has to be scanned for errors and fixed, so find the mac program and run it.

Check this google link for your best answer:

Before you do this, try this solution, it just might help you, too.

some people seem to have difficulty with the “bleedin’ obvious” - as the disk is EJECTED it doesn’t matter what effin computer it was on as it is not there it can’t be checked!!!

Not familiar enough with Macs… EJECTED is irrelevant… It just means it’s not mounted. That doesn’t mean it cannot be checked.

If it isn’t connected/mounted it can’t be checked - I was hoping to get advice from higher up the food chain…never mind, try another site

This is a user forum, NOT WD support. Give them an email or call.

i’m using 2 TB passport external hard drive and i was also facing the same issue of unable to safely remove my hard drive, i have search on internet and but no solution found but i give it last try and use the WD discovery app and eject it from there and its working for me.

you can download that application from WD website and i’m also sharing the link down below:-

I too am having the exact same problem. Have not found any fixes for it yet. :frowning: I know it is a good drive. I can connect it to my pc and it will run chkdsk and find no errors. It will not read/write to the disk because it is formatted for a mac. But my pc will at least see it. I got the mac to at least see it for about 2 minutes and then it will eject it. If I unplug and plug the dang thing in. It will see it for about 2 minutes and then drops off. I can save to it and read on it. But it will not stay mounted. I bring up disk utility and it does not show it even greyed out. It only shows my mac hd.