External Disk Name

Hi There

After a few years of impeccable performance, I needed to attach bigger drives to my WD TV Live Hub so I decided to go for a bold 4TB drive. WD TV LIVE hub recognizes the drive and all is working perfectly well EXCEPT for one thing. The new driive’s name does not display on the menU. Only a folder with an empty name. When I go and try to map that external drive on a PC (or mac ) all I get is that the drive name is disk-0.

I previously had PC formated drives but dEcided to move away in favour of OSX formatted ones as I am a mac user.

Does anyone know how can I change the name if the drive so it does appear on the WDTV Live Hub menu?

Many Thanks


is this 4TB a USB drive ?

(if it is) have you connected it to your computer to re-label it ?