Extension needs approval (macOS)

I can connect to My Cloud Home Duo via web browser, but WD Discovery says: Your operating system’s extension needs approval. To allow…
I did allow but still not working, a macOS Mojave problem? I wish to see the My Cloud Home Duo on my desktop…


Please refer to the following KBA article: My Cloud Home Setup and Configuration

Sorry Logan, I can connect via web browser ( safari for files, chrome and firefox for folders too)and via iPhone.
I would like to connect through the mac finder.

I think this is a macOS Mojave problem, I had malfunctioning with other extensions (MacFuse) since their last safety update.
Thank you for helping anyway.
I am not sure how I can solve this problem.
Best regards,

Hi Logan,
it was indeed a Mojave problem.
Today I upgraded to macOS Catalina and now my My Cloud Home Duo is available on the desktop too.

Screenshot 2021-05-05 at 18.35.33.png

Problem solved (that is if one can move to Catalina)
Ciao, Rob

Hi Robi, I am also having same issue and currently my Mac OS is Monterey. Did you upgraded to Monterey? I am getting the error as Your operating systems’s extinction need approval and when I go to system preference I don’t see any option to give approval. If you know the answer please let me know.
Thanks in Advance,

Hi Marthand,
I pulled power off and restarted my cloud hone duo and computer and everything works agaijn. You could try that. Please note I am still using BIg Sur. Cheers, Rob