Ext. HDD detected but not accessable

Hello everyone,

Earlier yesterday, I formatted my computer. After that, my everything was in Ext. HDD. I started to get things from it. I got most important things firstly and I said I’ll resume it later. Process was done and so I was not doing anything with ext. HDD. After that I dropped external HDD by accident and disconnected the usb cable… I wanted to make sure if its still working after the drop so I reconnected it. PC detected my ext. HDD but it did not appear on ‘My Computer’ and ‘autorun’ did not show up. HDD light was always bright and when I connect it to PC I hear the sound. After million tries, just for one time a ‘autorun’ showed up and it appeared on ‘My Computer’ but I could not get my stuff from it because I could not open any picture/music/document on it, it stopped working. But it was saying 700+ gb left in it so I was pretty sure my stuff still is in it.

After that I checked few things and realized it shows all disk ‘unallocated’ How can it be possible, I opened it once? I formatted my PC Disk C and it did not work after that, too. So my main question is, how can I solve this problem without losing and picture/video/music/document in it? I really need everything in it. All my 4 year work is in it. Hope we can find a way. Thanks a lot.

Note1: Should I try to take actual disk out of the case and plug it in via SATA to motherboard? Can it be a solution? (maybe case is damaged but the disk inside is fine?)
Note2: I read something, if I don’t overwrite it I may have chance to recover the data from it. Is that true?
Note3: I’m thinking to send my ext. HDD (WD 1021: too old) to WD service in Turkey (if there is) Can they solve it without any loss of documents, thank you.

I don’t really care about Ext. HDD to work but I need all of the stuff in it. Thanks again.

With my all respect;

I’m sorry you’re going through this, but a dropped hard drive usually results in internal component damage.

  1. Unlikely to work. Most WD external units are designed to work with the original enclosure, and could have a native USB port. It is unlikely to be detected by your system.

  2. Data recovery is best handled by a professional, certified company. Additional information is available in the following link:

  1. Physical damage voids your unit’s warranty, and even within warranty WD does not perform data recovery services. Only replacements.


First of all thank you for your reply.

I’ve just solved the problem. As I told, I did format my Disk C and D, before that I get all my stuff to D and then to my Ext. HDD. So, I bought EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard and did a deep scan to my Disk D (after the format I did not put a lot of stuff in it so it was not overwritten) : results are almost perfect. I did get %80 of my files back. Just could not get little things. I paid for it but somehow I solved it so, it’s worth it. Thank you again for your help :slightly_smiling: