Experiencing some latency between video and sound

Hi everyone !

I’m a owner of 1TB WD Elements Play and I have the latest version of the firmware installed.  My disk is half empty and the videos I play on the TV are playing great on the computer. But when I play a video on the TV, there seems to be a kind of distortion in the sound and because of that there’s a time lag between the video and the sound of the video. It happens several times in the same video. And when I quit the video and I resume it there’s no lag. I already check for sector error in the hard drive et there was none.

So do I have an idea what the problem might be ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

welcome :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah, this product is just “not finished but on the sale” and there will be no firmware update so… i personaly have 2y warranty so i am returning it as soon as some new good enough player pops out :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a shame really to sell a product that is not finished, especially when it’s expensive. What am I supposed to do with this thing now ?

my advice: return it if you can. then read some forums and choose some good player with actual support from manufacturer - firmware etc.

I’ll Try This, but I think that they will only exchange my product against the same new one… I’ll Let You Know :slight_smile: Thanks !

just tell them that it is a well known bug and the device wont work at suposed too even if they replace it… or just return the new oone too :stuck_out_tongue: