Expected Import time from Google Drive

I am new to this product, my question is once I start an import , how long should I expect it to complete, in this case from google drive to my passport Honestly do not know what category this would fit under,How do I submit this request

This forum is for the MyCloud product, not the MyPassport.

But the time it will take to download your files from Google Drive will depend on your internet download speed, and the amount of data you wish to download.

If your internet download speed is in the order of hundreds of megabits/s, you might find the disk write speed starts to be the limiting factor.

Then there’s the speed of read access to Google Drive; I have no idea what that is.

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Hi k8tmylady ,

Well its totally depend on the amount of data which you are importing and the internet speed. However, while importing the google drive to My Passport external drive, it should show you the transferring speed which will help you in analyzing the time remaining and the speed.


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