Excellent unit - Poor LED design

Hi All,

Just bought the WD TV Live and while I cant fault the functionality of this media player (played the majority of different file formats in excellent quality), I don’t understand why WD insist of having two VERY obnoxiously bright white LED’s at the front of the unit? Has anyone else noticed this?

Given that these devices are generally made to be placed under the TV, the last thing you want is distracting bright lights in your eyes the whole time. The only way around it was to turn it on a 45 degree angle away from the centre. An easy solution, but if WD put a modicum of thought into this it would not of been an issue at all!


They have given thought to it on the WDTV hub, the LED on that unit can be switched off. Not sure if that is possible on the live but you never know. You could investigate using some tape over the LED to reduce the brightness. Not ideal I know but if you find it really annoying its a way out.