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Any help would be apprecitated here… I have a macbook pro with a WD wired backup… I thought the 3tb Icloud would work the same… it has taken me days to upload all my info to the icloud unit using timemachine on the mac… The q I have is does Wd also backup your icloud unit or not…

Also once fully backed up on the icloud can you access you macbook as if it is what you would see if you have the macbook with you or does it simply just show files you choose to share on your wd my cloud app


Hello mate,

Can you please provide more information about your question. It will help the rest of the users on the community to assist you.

What are you trying to achieve with the unit?

Hi mate

I thought you could back up to the iCloud drive then access your macbook stuff from work for example but it appears you have to drag and drop all files you want access to ?

did you get the chance to look plse

Just to be clear, iCloud is an Apple service that works in a similar way to dropbox. The My Cloud is a personal NAS that will only save your files on locally, WD will not make any additional copies of your files. You can access any files you copy to the My Cloud either locally or remotelly. Check the following links for more information on how you can do this.

How to remotely access a WD My Cloud Personal Cloud drive



When i try and do that i only get these screen shots and cant access info on the cloud… plse help when i click on my computer it wont let be access anything…

[Picture deleted - Trancer]

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 19.25.42.png

As a recommendation,

Contact WD Support for further assistance on this case.