EX4100 stopped serving media

All of a sudden my ex4100 stopped showing up in all my dlna clients (Samsung Smart TVs, WD Live old an new version, VLC running on a windows machine). The NAS is still accessible and I can see the EX4100 on file explorer in “Network locations” together with all the network shares. If I click on the ex4100 in “network locations” I get the standard “Music” “Photos” “Videos” folders.

It looks like everything is still there but the DLNA server is not announcing it’s availabilty in the network.

I have restarted the NAS, twonky, reset twonky, rebuild the database, etc… all to no avail.

I have had the ex4100 for 2 weeks, and this is not looking good. I’d rather not have to restore the system, but it looks like I’ve got no other option left.

Any ideas?


Hi, have you tried turning twonky on and off from the twonky management site? Have you try refreshing the twonky data base from the twonky management site? You can get to the twonky management site by typing http://drivename:9000

I did. But nothing changed at the time. After several power recycles it’s working again. Don’t ask me why.