EX4100 - RAID and JBOD side-by-side

Apologies - I am a Mac user and new to NAS, so here goes…

I am planning on buying the EX4100 enclosure and putting 3 drives (4TB each) in a RAID 5 configuration.

But I want to add a 4th drive (say, 6TB) for my Time Machine backups (for 3 Macs). This would not need redundancy (long story, but trust me) so would be a standalone volume in its won right.

So can I configure the first three disks as RAOD 5 and the fourth disk as JBOD?


PS: New to RAID 5 as well, so how many drive volumes would I see in Finder?

You may be better served asking your question in the dedicated EX4 subforum. This subforum is primarily for the single bay My Cloud devices.



Really are you sure on that ? This forum is supposed to be for questions on the EX2100 and EX4100 NAS models as far as I thought. The EX4 forum is purely for the EX4 model.

Happy to be told otherwise (if this is the case).




Not sure on the first part of your question. I’ve seen mixed responses regarding the setup of two distinct arrays or array types on the EX4100, but not actually tried it myself.

As for the “drive volumes” in “Finder”, you would need to create a number of shares on the EX4100 unit itself and then map that to your MAC as a share. So depending on the number of shares that you create on the NAS, would determine the number of drives possible in Finder.

Hope this helps.



JediNite, if you notice one of the moderators of this WD forum moved your thread to the EX series subforum from where you initially posted in the My Cloud subforum. Further if you notice on the main WD Community page WD has broken out most of the “My Cloud” models into their own subforums:

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WD has, for what ever reason, made it a bit confusing by calling multiple devices “My Clouds” when in fact there is one specific model called “My Cloud” (which was a single bay unit) while other devices are under the “My Cloud” series umbrella but have their own specific model names like My Cloud Mirror, EX2, EX4, EX2100, EX4100 and for which most have their own support subforums (as indicated above) on this mostly user to user support forum.

Bennor, was just replying to Colin. Personally don’t care where the message is posted because at the end of the day all just trying to help each other.