EX4100 Raid 5 "Damaged" - Resulting from Power Failure

Hi Folks, I ran into an issue today after our power went out that I could use your help with…

When I turned my EX4100 back on, it rebooted and came back with several errors. The errors indicating that drives 1,3 & 4 had been replaced - which they had not of course. I cleared the error msgs in the UI and after some networking issues, we seem to be up and running again.

BUT, the UI is telling me my Raid 5 is “Damaged”. There is one solid red light on the front of the unit under the left most drive bay as well, the rest are solid blue. Within the UI, I checked the drives and all 4 say health is “GOOD” under the disk status page.

Since its set to Auto-Rebuild, I’m hoping it will take care of itself overnight, but I don’t hear it doing anything when I’m not accessing it. I do have the sleep mode turned off, so it will not go to sleep tonight.

Could someone with knowledge of this type thing please comment and advise? Should I reboot or shut down and then restart? I’m a little wary of doing that if its in the middle of repairing the Raid.

Thank you all.



I recommend you contact WD Support for assistance with this issue.