EX4 latest firmware ( SLOW...un-responsive .. Dashboard shows NO CPU activity **bleep**? )

EX4 latest firmware ( SLOW…un-responsive … Dashboard shows NO CPU activity **bleep**? ) 


We have passed this along to support.

Same with me working but slow , No CPU use ? No Name at top of screen to know which NAS im on, and Proceses no longer have a name ?

I have the same problem, takes nearly 5 mins to open a screen/option, really poor performance, although i can’t say accessing the stored files is an issue, just the web interface

I have the same problem. After a power boot I can acces the Dashboard.

a few minutes later it is impossible to access the dashboard.

Please let me know if there is a solution for this problem.

Or how I can undo the upgrade.

I turned OFF autoupdating because of this firmware and you then turned around and forced this update on my unit and as reported by other users, I now have an unresponsive box, be it web gui or network file access.

Thanks WD. I love more work.

I think the issue here is that WD is not realzing that some users have LOTS of data on these devices. So when you kick through an update that then HAS to scan let’s say…6TB of information with video and photo, you are using up a lot of CPU cycles and RAM in a small device, essentially turning the device into a snail. I will let this do what it has to for 24 hours and if there is no improvement by then I will, once again, downgrade this unit.

I don’t need the latest and greatest if the device I have can’t handle it.

More news…tomorrow.


what firmware had you guys updated to…?

I guess 2.10.302 … which btw doesn’t give me big issues beside the sometimes slow dashboard.

Like wise my EX4 is unusable, 

When I first moved to WD the unit was very quick, since the upgrade It’s 15 minutes to even get the logon screen.

I probably have in excess of 100,000 photos mulitple times that if it tries to scan the multiple iphoto thumbnails as I use it to back up iphoto librarys.

Hopefully WD can fix this if not it’s going back as no fit for purpose.

iGeorg wrote:

I guess 2.10.302 … which btw doesn’t give me big issues beside the sometimes slow dashboard.


Hello All,

The following KBA may explain why you’re experiencing slowness right after the OS 3 firmware update  After upgrading to My Cloud OS 3, users experience slow initial response times

May I suggest the following actions:

  • turn off apps such as Plex, Anti-Virus, etc…
  • turn off iTunes and DNLA
  • reboot the EX4
  • let the OS 3  environment create itself (if you have lots of content, like I do, it will take a bit of time)
  • once the scanning has completed, enable your services again


Samuel Brown


After letting the unit do it’s new OS cataloguing as suggested by support on these forums, my unit is now more responsive than it has been since I bought it.

I run 99% in a OS X environment and this thing was ALWAYS very slow to move files around inside folders in Finder on the NAS. I would move a folder and waiiiiiit for it to move to the next folder. In windows, boom, snap, immediate move.

With this update after the waiting period (for me about 24 to 36 hours with 6 TB of data in a 12TB raid 5 unit) the response time in Finder is near what it is on my windows boxes, Cloud access using mycloud app and iOS apps is a 100% improvement over what it was before.


I am not running this thing as more than a file server.

No plex, no wordpress, nothing. The only thing I have turned on is cloud access. (The updating of which is what seems to cause this thing to slow down to a crawl till it is done.)

I agree with a few other posters here that the EX4100 is what this SHOULD have been.

Live and learn though and as of today, this device is finally functioning like I wanted it to 2 years ago.