EX4 Internal Backup Failed

I have been trying to set up scheduled internal backups for several shared folders.

2 are folders are working properly but the largest (200+gb) stops after a while and says “Backup Failed”, under the details it just stays “Backup Failed, check settings”. No other info is given.

I have over 9TB available on the drive so space is not the issue.

I have tried redirecting the destination, renaming the backup, changing the schedule (although the schedule is useless because the initial backup is failing)

What are some possible issues?

Is there a size limit to the folders that can be backed up?

I am also looking for a clear and detailed description of the backup types “Copy” and “Incremental”. I have tested and figured the obvious out but I have not found any details given by WD.

Please, any assistance you can give with this would be greatly appreciated.

I believe that the rsynch command for larger backups fails with an issue with the pipe, but have not had the time to investigate.

FWIW I have basically given up on backups using the GUI and now drive them from the EX4 using my Mac.

Well that is very sad. Such a simple operation.

If you dont mind, what do you use to facilitate the backup using your mac?

I am specifically interested in having incramental dated backups so I am able to see the last few versions ofthe backup files.

I use the functionality of Synch Folders Pro.

Might also take a look arRsync; besids being fun to say extreamly functional & free.

ChronoSync can be especially powerfull for a Mac Household with a systempref agent on the client targets for mounting as su & FANTASTIC support.