EX4 Creating Ugly Folder Structure

I have a Popcorn Hour A-110 media tank and a Popcorn Hour C-200 media tank both streaming movies from a ReadyNas NV+ NAS with two 2TB drives.

I just bought a WDMyCloud EX4 because of it’s ability to handle larger capacity drives than the NV+.

I stuck two 3TB drives in the EX4 and set them up in RAID 1 so I could use all 6tb.

In Windows Explorer, I created these folders:


Then I put one file of each type in the respective folder…

When I fire up the A-110 and browse to the EX4…I get all kinds of extra folders showing up as shown in the images below…

WD support says it’s the fault of the PCH but get this…when I do the same thing on the ReadyNAS…the folders look fine (no extra folders).

Any idea how to prevent these extra folders from showing up? Is there something in the NV+ that prevents extra folders from being created that I could copy to the WD NAS?






Hi MikeMurphy, welcome to the WD Community. This is how the EX4 media server organizes the available files. You can select the “By Folder” option to explore your files using the same folder structure you saved them in. 

Where would I find “By Folder”?  Do you have a screen shot of the section in My Cloud…I dont’ see it.

A friend suggested I turn of DLNA…that seems to have helped for the most part.  Still some extras though

Ok, still dont’ see “By Folder” listed in the WD MyCloud desktop app nor the webapp (192.168.X.XX)

Also, when I use the PC upstairs where the WDEX4, router and switch are, the WDEX4 hows up as a mapped drive on that pc (I mapped it)…BUT…when I use this pc (my main pc), the WD doesn’t show up in my list of networked devices…


As you can see, it’s listed under storage devices, but I can seem to browse it from this pc.

If I click on the icon and choose “mount public share” nothing happens.  How do I get the WDEX4 to be viewable and able to be written to from this PC?



Hi again, the “By Folder” view is available when you access the EX4 through the DLNA media server. You can see this on one of the pictures you posted. 


Make sure that network discovery in enabled on your PC.Check the link below for mor info. 


I asee what you mean with the “By Folder” now.  I’d still rather not see ANY of those folders and I think I’m closer…new screen shots to follow