EX2100 moved from U-verse to Xfinity...not listed as computer?

My old setup crashed and I had to kick AT&T out of my house. They couldn’t fix the lack of a reliable broadband connection to the outside world. So, my only other real choice was Comcast. They install their modem last night, but my EX2100 no longer shows up as a computer in Windows Explorer. Anyone have any ideas?

WE is a lot easier to use when moving files from my desktop to the various shares on the EX2100 or the attached My Book.

You will need to check your network settings and the modem itself. It’s possible Windows does not recognize the current network as a private/home network and has disabled Network Discovery.

The issue is it show up as a media and storage device but only occasionally as a computer. I need to have it show up as a computer if I want WE to see the shares. No idea why it is hit or miss.

The Comcast tech said their 25mpbs modems are not very good and occasionally the Ethernet ports are unreliable. I had a Net Gear switch and attached it to one port and moved all the other devices (EX2100, Ooma, Macintosh) to the switch. So far so good. I can see the NAS in WE. I will have to monitor for a few days before I declare this a success.