EX2100 fan runs full speed when the NAS is turned off by a preset Power Schedule

I’m having an issue with the power-down setting within the EX2100 Power Schedule I’ve set between 11PM-6AM.  In particular, the NAS fan comes on full speed in the middle of the night, but none of the LED’s are on and I can’t access the device page because the system is off.  Only way to stop the fan is to press the power button and turn the NAS on.  The system seems to sleep fine as I’ve had no fan issues when the NAS is in sleep mode.  I’ve confirmed the latest firmware release is installed on the NAS:

Firmware Release 1.06.133 (7/8/2015)

  • POODLE (CVE-2014-3566) SSLv3 security vulnerability
  • Resolved issue with device fan to not randomly turn off

This firmware update has something to do with the fan, but it did not resolve my issue.  Any idea’s would be appreciated.

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On this case I recommend contacting support for further assistance on this matter:


I am having the same issue! @gtusby - would appreciate you posting back what response you got.

So the suggestion I got from customer support was to do a system only restore. I am going to attempt that in the next few days, once I’ve found out a bit more information on exactly what configurations that resets.

Problem still exists, and now the reliability of the NAS is starting to come into question.  I’ve had not only the fan problem, but sometimes the NAS just ignores the power profile altogether - simply just won’t boot or shut down when scheduled.  Another annoying issue is the Anti-virus scan is now on day 3 of a full system scan and it’s only 55% complete with the NAS less than 25% full.  These are just a few issues I’ve had over the last month.  I’ve had to give this NAS way too much of my attention over the past month, and I’m starting to regret buying it.

@gtsuby - did you try the system restore as suggested? Also updated to the latest firmware? I haven’t seen this problem happen since I did the restore, but I could very easily miss it as the power down only happens during my sleeping hours.


The lastest firmware for EX2100 2.10.302 (My Cloud OS 3).


  • Product update for My Cloud EX2100
  • Firmware Release 2.10.302 (9/28/2015)

I recommend upgrading to My Cloud OS 3


Samuel Brown