EX2100 Capacity Indicator Issue

Ever since the recent firmware update the capacity indicator on the dashboard home page indicates only the number of TB’s free. It no longer breaks this number down into different types of media files as it did prior. I had made no other changes during this period. Media streaming is ON and the Settings/Media page breaks the files down into the number of Music Tracks, Pictures & Videos.

I have done the following with no change:
rescanned dnla database
rebuild dnla database
shutdown at the front panel physical button and restarted.

Any insight into this issue would be appreciated.

Do you use the cloud access feature?

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I use the dashboard at http://wdmycloudex2100/ , if that’s what you mean. If your question is about the “Cloud Access” page of the dashboard, that is disabled.

Please enable it (just for testing) and then look at the dasboard starting page


As Lutz mentioned before, this is the reason behind. Cloud Access disabled causes the Dashboard to show only free capacity. Cloud enbaled and you will see the separated capacities in use. This is bound to the media crawlers of the cloud access feature.

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Thanks for the information. That appears to have resolved the issue.