ex2 usb backup create button greyed out

I had a USB back job created. Had to change it. Instead of using the ‘modify’ button I just deleted the job and went to re-create it again. I changed the source, left target alone. Now when I setup the backup the CREATE button is grayed out. Why? I tried changing the backup name, the source is different, tried changing the target, but the CREATE button won’t come to life. Ugh! Any thoughts? I am on MAC OS X 10.9.2. I have created several USB jobs without issue before, but this one has hosed things up…

Did you try doing a power cycle or reset on the drive?

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Thank you for the suggestion. A reboot worked, but then all the backups I had configured had disappeared - poof! I re-created them, set up 9 of them. An then went to create another one - not the same one as before - and got the same issue - set it up to NAS->USB, and that CREATE button just stays grayed out. I rebooted the NAS 3 times, this time, no difference.

I am a bit reluctant to do the ‘reset’ button, as it requires a reconfiguration, not extensive - granted - but it does require at a minimum network reconfig. Is there a way to backup my current backups? I am incorporating a WD NAS into my network. Had a bunch of issues, which WD has been very responsive to. I am amazed with the degree of support I have been able to receive - once I got to the right folks. I had several ‘issues’ with several devices and WD went well above and beyond anything could have ever expected to help me out. Now I am trying to give those folks a break.

This is my scenario… I have a several-year-old 2TB Apple TimeCapsule which has just been running like a clock. I decided to add the NAS to expand capacity and since my daughter was going to school and had a lot of stuff on the drive she would need access to from school, I thought I would add the NAS - increase capacity - and clone the NAS from the TimeCapsule, sans the TimeMachine backups - to make more space available to her remotely. I did a straight copy, to the WD LiveDuo, then tried to back it up in one job, and it just failed. It was too much data, and it appears that the process which creates the .wdmc directories was just in hernia mode, usurping every spare cycle in the LiveDuo. So I started the huge task of reorganizing the data, into smaller, more manageable chunks, and found that the NAS->USB backups were actually working, when dealing with much smaller chunks at a time.  

It WOULD be great to be able to have one job, saying just copy the entire NAS to the external drive, and have it work without issue, but that is not the world in which we live. I accept that - sort of. It would be great to be able to turn-off the .wdmc process - without voiding the warranty. I realize the potential utility of these processes that analyze data and reduce overhead down-the-road.

Unfortunately, I also consider the majority of these the sign of a less than creative developer who took an easy way out, as opposed to seeking out a more elegant design, where, minimally, if they absolutely MUST create these ‘helper’ files, they stash them in one well-defined location, where they can be ignored during backups, as opposed to ‘seeding’ them within the filesystem itself causing data verification to get all screwed up as file-counts no longer match, etc.

So anyway, the NAS->USB backups, under the proper conditions, actually work. Until you get to the point where the interface just refuses to enable the ‘CREATE’ button. Why? What are the pre-reqs for the button to be ‘enlightened’? Why does a reboot clear it up - sometimes, and why that DOES work, why does it sometimes delete all of the other backups that I had configured? And why can’t I turn off that process creating those .wdmc folders, if I am willing to accept the resulting decrease in performance down the road? Supposedly those folders are ONLY created when one enables media serving.

NONE of my shares have media sharing enabled and yet the .wdmc folders still appear. I have seen posts where it outlines how to tell init(1) not to start that process, but not sure I want to surrender my warranty for that! I just want to add more backups, and know that if I have to take extra-ordinary measures to make that happen, that I will not lose the other backups I have already defined, and successfully run for that matter. I also do not want to void my warranty in the process!

That DOES NOT MEAN that I do not want to gather the information as to how to address some of these issues - even if it DOES void the warranty. That way, I can play with the drive, once the warranty has lapsed. I truly appreciate each and every effort to help. Once again, I have to emphasize how remarkable I have found WD data- at the proper level, and speaking to the proper people - to be! Prior to getting to that level, the data is still very good.

One of the most remarkable aspects of their data personnel is they admit when they don’t know something, and are willing to pass you on to someone who may have better insight. I have great respect for that. They have a great reputation, and that lives on to this day. As the products get more complicated, so do the ‘issues’. Also, folks don’t typically post when things go well, only when they have problems then they flame-out. That is why I seldom participate in forums.

As I see it, these places should not only be a place to flame-out, but also a place where people can exchange creative experiences, and innovative uses. Now having said that… Can anyone figure out why I am having issues with my NAS->USB backups? How does one disable the ‘crumb creation’ even if I am willing to void my warranty (for down the road).

I am sure there are more than one .wdmc-like crumbs being created - I can see them, and they through my verification of file/folder/byte counts off… They just make life so much more difficult for me - in my situation, which is most certainly the ame as everyone-else’s. I am sure some folks derive a deal of utility out of these crumbs being created. Just not me. HELP!

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Yes, neither did the trick

Some shares, although accessible, and verifiable, as far as data storage, continuously fail to backup. And all my backups are via NAS->USB. I can create 9, some of which even work, but not the 10th - ever. It NEVER enables the CREATE button. It seems as if there is a built-in limit of only 9 backup jobs… Unfortunately I have 13 shares, and need a backup job for each one. Most, smaller jobs run without issue. My PHOTOS share, will not ever complete successfully though.