EX2 Ultra times out way to fast

I have scanned the other topics and don’t see this problem described elsewhere. So any assistance is appreciated.
Recently my EX2 started logging me out 30-40 seconds into a session in the web interface making it near impossible to modify or change settings. So i have to log back in multiple times to complete any activities. Currently time-out is set to 20 minutes and this setting is completely ignored.


  1. Is this the right place to set the web interface time-out? if not how is the setting changed from ~40 seconds to something reasonable.
  2. Is the confused available space related?

Firmware was recently upgraded to 2.31.149, changes in behavior since this firmware update:

  1. This time-out problem
  2. “Confused” volume size settings (see screenshot) - config is 2TB RAID 1 so total capacity is 2TB, its not possible to have 1.8TB of movies and 1.62TB Free.
  3. Fan runs constantly - NEVER came on before.

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