EX2 ultra only available to devices near it on the network

I happen to have a fairly large network. In each room I have a switch. After many reboots, and a lot of struggling with standbymode, weirdly timed rebuilds and many many MANY restarts, I have found that I can only connect to the device from other devices connected to the same switch. Anything that connects via my central router, just stops. I can SEE the device from anywhere on my net, so discovery is ok. I can log in via SSH from anywhere too. But shares are only available to devices on the same switch (ie: if I connect it in my living room, the TV can see it, if I connect it in my office, my computer can see it. But nowhere can it be seen by both).

I do NOT have this problem with my QNAP, so I’m guessing it’s an issue with configuration. However, I cannot find anything that would indicate which configuration item to make changes to.
Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Update: I have also found that streaming gets choppy even at very low bitrates (like cartoons). I’ve bought this EX2 to replace my ageing QNAP, but even at nearly 10 years of age, it appears to be the better choice for a streaming “experience”. The QNAP may not reach the same transfer speeds, but I have no problem with watching a movie placed on the QNAP. Placing the two NAS’es in the SAME network, on the SAME switch still provides choppy experience only from the WD. Moving the EX2 to my TVs switch does nothing to improve performance, it only makes me unable to reach the EX2 from my PC…

My configuration is:
Switch 1 (older 3com): PC, QNAP, IP Phone, EX2
Switch 2, 3, etc (brand new Dlink): TV, DVD or streaming player (Dune HD - I like the small size), internet TV
Central Router: The switches, wifi
Everything is connected with cat 6 cables (I have a lot of RF interference), and I get about 70 MB/s throughput on the network in general

I have tried the EX2 on several of my switches, same result, I have tried streaming from multiple locations, same result. I have tried streaming over the wifi, same result. Even streaming to my PC (which should have monster power), I still get small “holes” (admittedly not as bad as the TV gets, but I’m guessing that’s just good buffering)…

Everything is unmanaged (at least by my, the ISP has some control over the router). Since the ONLY piece of hardware that consistently is in this equation seems to be the EX2, I’m willing to say the problem is there…

Update: I have now also tried on a new switch. The problem is the exact same. I found that the problem is “only” in the read speed. I can get between 0 b/sec and 7-8MB/second. Avg. seems to be about 500-700KB/second, it took me 4 hours to copy 10 GB out of the drive, and that’s after restarting at least 5-6 times due to “network errors” while copying… Looking around, I can see I’m not the only one with this problem. And since WD support is non-existant, I can only suggest to everyone to stay away from this product, untill such a time as WD decides to take its customers problems seriously.

I have returned the device to the store.