EX2 Ultra - Firmware upgrade download stuck

Hi there,

Since the 1st upgrade download broke, every further attempt stuck at the same place and throws a timeout message.

As a workaround, I downloaded the latest firmware for an ‘update from file’. But after upload it says something like ‘is not a firmware file’.

Is there somewhere a cache, I can delete in a ssh session or how can I tell EX2 to do a download from scratch?

Any help will be appreciated with thanks in advance.


Hi @agbwebde,

Please refer below link to update firmware:

thank you for your answer, but can’t you imagine I did that before creating this topic? :wink:
As already written: I did a download of the most actual firmware and tried to install it via the systems menue. But after uploading I got the message ‘Not a firmware file’.
Kind regards
ps: I don’t use windows. I’m using kubuntu 20.04

you might tell support the firmware you are currently using and the complete file name you got from the download.

There have been firmware updates in the past that need another one first.
May not be the case here but best to check.

Hi dswv42,

thank you very much. Your reply has been of great help.
Dashboard doesn’t call for firmware upgrade anymore. :ok_hand: :call_me_hand:
There is only one cosmetic issue left: the actual firmware version number mentioned in dashboard is still the old one: 5.15.106. Is there a way to update this?

I did after the upload_firmware… :woman_shrugging: