Ex2-Ultra Can I have 4TB and 2TB in RAID-1 and JBOD

I am planning to buy ex2 4TB (2TB x 2) If I be would able to get following setup working without any problems ?

  1. Replace one of 2TB HDD with 4TB HDD and then
  2. Use 2TB (out of 4TB HDD) in RAID-1 with 2TB HDD and then use leftover space of 4TB HDD as JBOD .

All HDDs will be WD-RED

Thanks in advance

There are no support articles able to confirm if the leftover storage space can be used as a secondary, independent volume. Perhaps it would be best to send an E-mail to WD Support asking for confirmation. You can do so in the following link:

Thanks, I have created a support case.

I believe its not possible to have both Raid1/raid 0 and JBOD at the same time with 2-bay atleast

It doesnt work . As raid needs 2 drives minimum to work, Not for JBOD any no of disk can be mad jbod.

as for wd not possible with multiple raid mode.