EX2 port checking failed but open!

I am trying to set up 1 EX2 in my home office as a backup to an EX2 in a business office 20 minutes away. In the process of setting up the 1st one now. I use a Uverse 3800HGV-B router at home and have set open ports  21, 22, 873, and 443. I have checked all ports using yougetsignal.com and the Network Utilities PortForward program. Both report the ports open.

 In the Port Forwarding section of the EX2 for each of these ports it says "checking" then FAILED. Why would it fail if the ports are open? I don't want to go set up at the office Friday and have to bounce back and forth trying to get these systems to talk to each other.

The one at home will do nothing but mirror the business office for a fail safe backup.

Try opening ports 8080 and 80; 443 is already open.

Adding 80 and 8080 to the open ports has no effect.
Although PortForward shows all these ports as open the EX2 still says “failed” after checking.
I can log on using my cellphone via the internet so the cloud is set up correctly and I am assuming that
when I go into the office tomorrow to set up the source drive they will be able to see each other. At least I hope so.
I’d just like to know why it is doing this and what if anything I am doing wrong. It will only be an issue if they don’t talk to each other.

It has to be the U-verse 3800HGV-B router that makes it say “failed” when checking port status.
It isn’t uPnP. The router in the office was and set up was easy. The ports at home ARE open as
the two units are speaking to each other and backup completed just fine.

Try enabled DMZ . It will sort out the problem. Also NAT UPNP