EX2 Drive Change / Upsize

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Apologies if this is addressed elsewhere, but I couldn’t find a definitive answer on this.

I have a 4TB EX2 now. I would like to make it a 10TB EX2, actually a 5TB as raid1.

I was thinking of removing one of the 2TB drives, putting it in a USB dock, and backing up the EX2, now with a single drive, to the USB dock.

Now I install two new 5TB drives in the EX2, and restore from the 2TB in the dock.

Will this work? Is there a better way?

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Hi there, actually the process you are describing seems to be the best way, and it is possible to upgrade the drives on the unit as long as they are compatible with it. The following link will show the compatible drives with the unit so you have an idea of which drive you can use:


you will go to the features section and then you will see the compatibility section and from there you can get one of the supported drives so you can upgrade the internal drives. 

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Excellent, thanks much. Many posts mention a drive compatibility list, but it seems nowhere is the exact location of the list posted.

Thanks again…

I found an alternate link with the same info  ->  http://www.wdc.com/global/products/features/?id=MCEX2_compatibility

Thanks for the link.

Question: Is there a list of supported USB drives or docks that will work for this? I bought a generic jmicron device, the EX2 seems to recognize it.OK. I can choose my backup source, but not my backup destination. I tried to create a destination folder called backup, it seems to be there, I see it, I can check mark it, but when I click OK, it’s blank. This was done from the ‘dashboard’.

Does the drive in the dock need have a specific filesystem in place? EX3 for example? The one I tried was a Windows NTFS drive.


Hi there. Does it means that if I want to move to bigger drives, I cannot just replace them and have the NAS self-restore it? For exmaple, what if I have RAID1, and I replace one of the 2TB drives for a 5TB drive? Shouldn’t the NAS restore it? And then, afterwards, when it is done, I can go and replace the second 2TB drive for the second 5TB drive, and let it restore itself again. Doesn’t it work?

I have the same Raid 1 question.  Can I replace one 2 TB drive with a 4 TB drive, allow it to rebuild and then replace the second drive with a 4 TB drive?

I think the answer to our question is no.  The reason being that if you insert a larger drive to have it rebuilt, it is first formatted to the same size as the existing drive. The 2nd drive would be formatted to the same size as well.

That is really bad. Anybody have any idea if that can change in the future?

Anybody have an answer to this? Wanted some advice before shelling out some money for an upgrade that may cause me more headaches…