EX2 - 100% CPU whilst browsing

I have just replaced an old sick Windows server with a EX2 8Tb to be used as file storage for 8 users. However I have noticed that when the users go to browser (using Windows Explorer), they get to folder containing 4000 + documents and everything grinds to a halt as the Windows PCs generate a list of all the files.

This happens on both XP and Windows 8.

It can take upto a minute for Explorer to finish and duringb this time, the EX2’s CPU is max’ed out at 100% on an SMBD process.

Is there anyway to improve this? (setting on the NAS, or a caching setting in WIndows?)




Have you tried disabling the Media Server?

yes, i turned off everything I could


Did you ever get a soluion for this? I’m having a similar problem.