Ex 4100: Backup issues from USB to NAS

I purchased Ex4100 10 days ago and encounter some issues while doing backing from USB to NAS.

I connect two WD products (My Passport_2TB and My Passport Ultra_2TB) to Ex4100 and initiate backups from USB to NAS:

1)Size of data waiting for backup: 800GB in MyPassport_2TB, while 1.2 TB in My Passport Ultra_2TB
2) 12 hours after, My Passport_2TB only runs less than 5% of backup, while My Passport Ultra runs 55% (Both backup starts at the same time, but why backup for Ultra runs faster even it has more data?)
3)12 hours after, Ex4100 shows “system is in standby mode.” No activity on CPU and around 0-20% on RAM.
4) I check MyCloud Dashboard, and the two backups are still proceeding ( not showing they are cancelled or stopped.)
Yet no progress and no activity on CPU and 20% on RAM in the past few hours already.

It’s quite frustrating and painful for me to just try to accomplish a simple task emphasized as strength of this product.

Your advice is appreciated.

Perhaps it would be best to contact WD Support about this. You can do so over the phone or via E-mail.

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This thread in the EX2 forum might be of interest…