Errors with WD Sync on mac

I was gonna try the WD Sync on my mac, but gets tons of these two error messages (see images). They say: “Filename contains un-allowed characters and has to be edited before continuing syncing.” and
“Filename has a blank space at the end. Erase the blank space to continue syncing”

Now, theres no white spaces at the end of those files, and yes, a lot of my files contains weird characters, since that’s allowed by Apple. Not a very convenient rule. What to do?

Image 1 (Swedish)
Image 2 (Swedish)

While Apple may allow “weird” characters (or special characters), the Linux file system used by the My Cloud, and or the WD Sync program may not. What to do? Change the file name to remove the weird/special characters. Or find a 3rd party sync program that works on a Mac and supports NAS, and dump the WD Sync program.

Free File Sync is one such 3rd party sync program that people use with their My Cloud.