Errors installing Windows XP sp 3 on wd320 AAJS blue caviar

I have been trying to install windows on a new build.  I have gotten past the initial error for the PCI slot with a service pack 3 version.  I am now left with “A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.”  It tells me to check for viruses and such it is telling me to check my hard drive and all that.  I don’t have anything installed on the hard drive yet as windows has been unable to load.  The computer boots and pulls up Bios.

I am using a sata drive I bought OEM with no manuals and am using a stock sata cable which I have changed twice.

How old is your Bios?  If it’s older then you may need to update it so that it will read the drive.  Also, check you sata settings in the Bios to make sure that the sata port is enabled.  other things like boot order etc need to be looked at also.