Error says Device Offline

Something happened recently and we can no longer log into the NAS Ex4100 via (access via the LAN still works) - an error message is displayed saying “Can’t Connect to NAS-24TB” - and “Device Offline”. It fails with both Internet Explorer on a PC and with the Smartphone App on a phone.

Yes the device has the latest firmware.

What does Offline mean and where can I make it online?

Hi Imenningen,

You can refer the link mentioned below to get the resolution of the issue.

I reviewed the suggested link for remote access problems, but that article seems limited to first-time setup steps. But that is not the help we need. The help we need is that remote access stopped working. Something went wrong recently since this is a system that had been working for years and only now, only after the recent update to your web site, has it stopped working. Remote access log-in results in an error saying “Unable to Connect, Device is Offline”.

But it is not off-line that we know of, yes it works fine locally. It is only the remote access that fails and only as of early December. Prior to early December it worked fine.

So what went wrong and what can we do to make it work like it had been before your web-site update?