Error message whislt copying files in Windows 7.0

Good Afternoon all,

I have a client that uses a WD My Book World (White Light Edition)…

They have no issues copying files or browsing the web interface using Windows XP Professional, however when using Windows 7.0 whenever they copy  (copy and paste in Windows Explorer) files they receive the error.

“Are you sure you want to copy this folder without its properties, the folder micsellaneous had propertis that can’t be copied to the new location”

Also on Windows 7.0, they are unable to browse the web interface, Windows XP is fine.

They are running firmware 01.01.18 with MioNet…

I am unable to check if this is the latest firmware for the My Book as they are running in a building with shared office space and the firewall seems to be blocking requests from the web interface (a manual download would be good if I need to update.