Error message: The disk in Drive E is not formatted!

Today I tried to access my E-drive (My Book) and all I got was the above error message. I know I do not want to reformat the drive, but I cannot understand why all of a sudden the drive is not recognizable. When I open the WD Anywhere Backup application, it says that my Backup is “pending (destination not available)” but that there are 4065 items stored (4.2 GB). When I open View and Restore, I can see the tree showing my backed up items, but the restoration process cannot be completed because I get the following message:

The backup destination does not exist or is not available. Please connect to the destination and check your backup location.

I will try to reinstall my software tomorrow when I have a support rep on the line, but if anyone has ever encountered this problem please let me know. You can e-mail me at I hope I did not lose all of my data. If so, I can’t say much for the validity of this backup equipment.