Error message about duplicate users when configuring My Cloud account

Setting up a new WD PR4100 and need advice on best practices for configuring Cloud access because I’ve run into an unexpected problem. I’m setting this up for my son who will use it as a Plex for streaming his collection of videos, etc. He’s the admin on the My Cloud account and his email address is associated with the admin account. But then I want to give him a regular user account so he won’t be using the admin account on a regular basis. So I created a user id and assigned it a password, then went to the cloud section of the admin console and chose that user id and invited it to join. The problem is that I used his regular email address (used already for the admin account) and I get an error message saying that duplicate user accounts were found. As far as I can tell, the email address is triggering the error message, not his user id anywhere else on the NAS. I found this My Cloud OS 5: Duplicate User Accounts Found which suggested that the email address was the problem. So if that’s true, I must create another email address for my son to use either for the times he logs in as the administrator of the NAS My Cloud account, or for when he logs in using his non-admin account. What I need to know is if I’ve understood the problem correctly, and if there might be a best practice for approaching this. Having a single email address associated with the admin account and with his normal user account would be preferable - and I thought that was possible because the user id and password would be different for each of them (NAS accounts) and therefore clearly different. Thanks in advance.

Hi @WandererOTD,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting: